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日本語レッスン✍JLPT N5 Lesson 1-1 Conversation「わたしはがくせいです」 I am a student.【日本語能力試験N5】

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Attain Online Japanese Language School: https://aoj-ls.jp/en/
A new style of Japanese Learning with video lectures and live lectures and online tests.
No Admission Fee! Monthly payment available!
Unlimited Video Lectures for JLPT Learning Website:
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Unlimited JLPT Practice Test Website:
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■What is Attain Online Japanese Language School?
Attain Online Japanese Language School is a Japanese language school where you can study online. Live and Video lecture learning gives you access to high quality Japanese learning from anywhere in the world.

Examples of Outstanding Features:
・Full support to pass JLPT N2. Even if you start learning as a beginner, you can acquire JLPT N2 level Japanese in a minimum of 2 years. AOJ will fully support your learning Japanese until you pass JLPT N2.
・We do not require an admission fee to make it easier for you to continue studying and you can choose to pay the tuition fee monthly.

Request our school information:

HP: https://aoj-ls.jp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aojls
Contact: https://aoj-ls.jp/contact.html


■What is Unlimited JLPT Learning website “Attain Online Japanese”?
“Attain Online Japanese” is an unlimited viewing Japanese learning website which is operated by Attain Corporation. It is a monthly subscription service. It contains all the different JLPT levels of learning materials (videos, textbooks, and tests), Japanese learning materials from the elementary course to the advanced courses, and JLPT mock exams and Japanese business manners. The length of all of our videos is over 100 hours. All the courses in English version, Chinese version, Vietnamese version are published now, and we are going to add more courses, and also expand our courses in multiple language subtitles.

【日本語能力試験用学習コース「Attain Online Japanese」とは?】
「Attain Online Japanese(アテイン・オンライン・ジャパニーズ)」はアテインがこれまでに制作してきた日本語能力試験(JLPT)対策教材(映像、テキスト・小テスト付)に加え、初級から高級日本語までさまざまなレベル学習者向け教材や、模擬試験、日本式ビジネスマナー教材も含めたすべてが月額で見放題サイトとなります。映像再生時間のみで100時間以上大ボリュームです。現在英語版、中国語版、ベトナム語版は全部公開しており、 順次、コンテンツの追加やほかの言語字幕などサービスの拡充も予定しています。

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■What is Unlimited JLPT Practice Test Website: “JLPT Practice Test@AOJ”?
The JLPT Practice Test @ Attain Online Japanese is a mock test platform which provides mock exams for the different level of the Japanese Language Practice Test from N5 to N1. All of the exams are provided online and have the same format as the real JLPT test, including the quizzes for each section. It also includes vocabulary test/Grammar test (per level) After-lesson exercises for Online Japanese Course (N5-N1). You can access to the test unlimited with a monthly subscription.

【JLPT練習テスト@Attain Online Japaneseとは?】
JLPT練習テスト@Attain Online Japaneseは、オンラインの練習テストサービスです。月額ですべてのJLPT関連する練習テストを受け放題です。 コースは、N5練習テストコース、N4練習テストコース、N3練習テストコース、N2練習テストコース、N1練習テストコースがあります。各レベルの語彙テストや文法テストも全てのコースに付いています。

For inquiries regarding these Japanese learning materials, please contact
Attain Corporation
Nitten Kanda Building,17 Kandahigashimatsushitacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0042
Tel.81+03-3255-4721 Fax .03-3255-5680
URL: http://www.attainj.co.jp
E-mail: info@attainj.co.jp

本教材に関する問い合わせ アテイン株式会社
Tel.03-3255-4721  Fax.03-3255-5998


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